What are the test limitations?

What are the test limitations?

This test screens for sperm concentration by detecting SP10 protein in semen only. It does not test for any of the other factors affecting sperm fertility. A negative test result does not prove male infertility and a positive result does not prove male fertility. The results are only a reference index for male fertility; they should be combined with other clinical and laboratory analysis to produce a full evaluation of a user’s fertility.
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    • How often should I test?

      The full process of producing new sperm takes around 70 days. Since lifestyle factors (like diet, sleep, drug use, weight etc.) can impact sperm concentration, it is recommended that those trying to conceive test every 3-4 months.
    • What is included in the OVRY™ Male Fertility test?

      The test includes:  1 x Test Pouch (including 1 x Test Device and 1 x Dropper)   1 x Sample Collection Cup 1 x Collection Tube See our product instructions here, for diagrams of each component. The test kit does not include a timer which is required ...
    • How do I perform the test?

      Procedure overview: Semen is ejaculated into the Sample Collection Cup. Once the semen sample sits for one hour, a few drops of the semen are transferred into the Collection Tube using the provided Dropper. Once the semen is mixed with the solution ...
    • How accurate is the OVRY Male Fertility Test?

      Studies indicate that the OVRY Male Fertility Test delivers results that are 99% consistent with laboratory testing.
    • How do I read my OVRY™ Male Fertility Test results?

      Please refer to the instructions for a diagram to supplement the following descriptions. POSITIVE: Two distinct red or pink lines appear. One line should appear in the control region (C), and the other should appear in the test region (T). A positive ...