When should I collect a semen sample for the OVRY™ Male Fertility Test?

When should I collect a semen sample for the OVRY™ Male Fertility Test?

The test must be performed with a fresh semen sample taken 2-7 days after the last ejaculation.
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    • How do OVRY™ Male Fertility Tests work?

      The OVRY™ Male Fertility Test identifies lower than normal sperm concentration in semen by detecting the amount of sperm SP10 protein. The test alone does not prove whether you are fertile. However, since sperm concentration is one of the leading ...
    • How accurate is the OVRY Male Fertility Test?

      Studies indicate that the OVRY Male Fertility Test delivers results that are 99% consistent with laboratory testing.
    • How do I read my OVRY™ Male Fertility Test results?

      Please refer to the instructions for a diagram to supplement the following descriptions. POSITIVE: Two distinct red or pink lines appear. One line should appear in the control region (C), and the other should appear in the test region (T). A positive ...
    • What is included in the OVRY™ Male Fertility test?

      The test includes:  1 x Test Pouch (including 1 x Test Device and 1 x Dropper)   1 x Sample Collection Cup 1 x Collection Tube See our product instructions here, for diagrams of each component. The test kit does not include a timer which is required ...
    • What if the second line on the Male Fertility Test is much lighter than the control line?

      Unlike ovulation tests where the relative darkness of the test line (as compared to the control line) is important to determine the test result, for the Male Fertility to be positive, the second line (the test line) simply has to appear within 10 ...